Enjoy A Private Retreat

Lalita Ibiza opens its doors to welcome you, in service to you to, creating a magical, peaceful and unforgettable stay.

We are extremely happy to offer you personalized retreat programs for your stay; catering to your specific needs.

Working with health and holistic professionals based in Ibiza, we are able to create a deeply restorative experiences treating the mind body and spirit as one.

We also offer weekend retreats for detoxifying and recalibration as well as one week summer retreats.

If you are already on the island and you want to visit us for a workshop, event, holistic treatment or you would like to just to pass by to connect with us, our door is open and we welcome you to join us in co-creating sacred moments.


  • Reconnect to natures beauty in a peaceful and revitalising space
  • Experience your natural healing abilities through meditation
  • Full Body Cleanse through healthy eating, detox plant teas
  • Energy and emotional cleanse through holistic healing treatments
  • Learn about the healing power of nature: Plants and Crystals
  • Raise your Vibration through mindfulness
  • Connect to your inner abundance through the magnetic energies Ibiza has to share
  • Boost your vitality and reconnect to your creativity channels

What's Included

We are delighted to offer you a beautiful and safe space in nature to enjoy a private retreat in Lalita Ibiza’s wellness sanctuary. When staying with us for a private retreat, you will enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions, breakfast, and of course accommodation at Lalita Ibiza*.

Dedicated to the healing arts, nature's healing properties and mysticism we also offer various wellness services at an additional fee to facilitate you into wholeness treating the mind, body and spirit as one.


* The standard accommodation included is a shared rooms. Please contact us for the options in case you prefer a private room.