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Nesrine has a medical background, clinical pathologist and has 10 years training and 15 years of experience working in the hospitals and private laboratories in France. Specialised in Biology, she has the knowledge of tissues and laboratory analysis to assist the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. She was fascinated by the functioning of the body process and the understanding of how the diseases appears, she uses the tools of laboratory and scientific advances to improve the diagnosis and treatment. Nesrine has an MBA in Healthcare management, she was leading a European medical lab, responsible for medical innovation and managing experts in different clinical fields. She understood that the conventional medicine has limits, and we need to consider a new integrative way to get the bigger picture. In her practice and experience she considers that we need to 3 important points.

The holistic healthcare

The balance between Mind, Body and spirit is essential. We need to be aware for our environment and emotions.

The healing power of plants

For every disease and symptom, nature is here to heal us. The plant kingdom are alive beings, and they are waiting for us to establish a communication with them in a way that we become receptive and open to their superpower of healing.

“I had an experience 8 years ago. I was attracted by a tree in Mediterranean, I was sure that it had something to share with me, but I didn’t know exactly what that was. I felt that it was a friendly plant and she spoke to me through her subtle yet profound vibrations and telling me that she is to be used. The scientific name of the tree is Vitex Agnus Castus and at that time I wasn’t yet diagnosed for endometriosis. Now this plant is healing me and is a part of my treatment”

Think with your heart, not with your brain

The true intelligence is the intelligence of the heart. We should develop more awareness and presence. Nesrine developed for her patients an approach called "talk to your body". We need to communicate with our body with deep love and compassion to understand its language, start the conversation with your body which means communicating with our consciousness and with our subconscious. Every symptom, pain, trauma, allergy or intolerance is telling you a story, your story, your heritage, you need to listen to find your unique way to heal yourself.


“In my experience I healed myself when I started to understand my body, mind, spirit and emotions: I have an endometriosis and with the help of the plant kingdom and working with the Emotional Freedom Technique I was able to heal and stabilise my illness. A few months of sacred womb healing sessions and natural treatment, surgery was not necessary anymore and I avoided chemicals toxic pills that would have been prescribed for my entire life. My burn out that I had in the end of 2019, was a pure blessing and gift. It showed me the way to slow down, to develop compassion for myself and to work on my limiting beliefs. It was the way to my liberation, to get into a new and harmonious way of living.

Nesrine is trained in energetic psychology “I felt it was essential for me to understand the way the emotions are created and how the subconscious is functioning. 90% of our actions are guided by our subconscious”. She learnt how traumas can be released, how to unlearn and leave the space for new understandings. Nesrine works with EFT (emotional freedom technique). Our cells hold all the memory, she also works with kinesiology testing. Now she helps and facilitates her patients to get to the understanding of the power of self-healing, she opens the doors for the plant kingdom as they bring the support in the detoxing process with the added element of balancing the emotions and gives the opportunity to those who want to go deeper into their subconscious.

The spiritual path

I know my awakening and awareness has been brought to me by the plant teachers, the plant kingdom opened the way to my subconscious and new dimensions. I felt myself drawn and attracted by wisdom, the philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism. The Values are compassion, tolerance, acceptance, peace, detachment, flexibility for the change, the impermanence. All this has been a way to bring me more awareness, presence and understanding to know myself and to build my inner strength”.

Nesrine is passionate about studying ancestral scriptures such as Bhagavad gita, Upanisad and Dammapala. She is devoted in honouring the divine mother energy and wisdom and her master and sadghuru is Mata amritanandamayai. Nesrine worships the divine mother energy and the feminine energy. She is loving and respectful towards the goddesses of Mercy, she learns from them “the art of compassion”.

Lalita Ibiza is a Nesrine’s channel in expressing her devotion to the divine and to be in service for others by helping them with her experience.


The Location

Situated in the north of the magical island Ibiza, amidst nature, you will find "Lalita Ibiza"; a charming authentic Spanish farmhouse with stunning robust Ibicencan architecture.

Located in the most pure and wild part of the island, the house is surrounded by beautiful pine valleys; a raw beauty.


Swimming Pool

Cool off by jumping into the outdoor swimming pool or simply enjoy the sun and relax on one of the lounge beds with a delicious healthy juice.


Our Rooms

The invocation of the soft energy of the mothers was done by intention. The choice of the goddesses was based on Nesrine’s spiritual connexion: all is around the compassionate mothers connected with the moon phases. By the mother energy and feng shui decoration, we create the environment that provides the vibrant feeling of peace, harmony and joy.

Please note that the full house is for rent only.

Explore Lalita Ibiza

Enjoy one of our services..or simply enjoy the tranquility and peace.

Yoga & Meditation

Feel the soft, peaceful and powerful energy from Ibiza and enjoy the pittoresk views in our paradise. Relax and detox from the noise and speed of the cities. Enjoy the beautiful Moroccan tent to practice yoga or meditation, or simply dream away on one of the beds scattered in the garden...

Healthy Breakfast

Upon request, we can prepare a healthy breakfast for you with local produce such as cheese, honey, eggs, vegetables, fruit & fresh sweet orange juice... some even from our own garden! Add spirulina, camu camu or ginger for a fresh start.

Wellbeing Massages & Therapies

Enjoy a wellbeing massage or therapy in our tranquil, lush garden and leave all stress of the ordinary world behind. Feel refreshed, energized and ready to take in all the beauty Ibiza has to offer.

Swimming Pool

Cool off by jumping into the outdoor swimming pool or simply enjoy the sun and relax on one of the lounge beds with a cold sangria or a delicious healthy juice.

Lush Garden

Lose yourself in our terraced gardens filled with lemon, almond and olive trees, a herb garden, organic veggies and flowers. Freely breathe in the pure sea air mixed with the smell of rosemary, lavender, thyme and pine.

Beach, Shops & Restaurants

Cala d'en Serra Beach, Portinatx Beach and S'Arenal Petit Beach are at close proximity to the house. Portinatx is a friendly village with lots of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy.

Around Lalita Ibiza

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