Ibiza is the Scorpio Island

THE Scorpio sign is the one rules the island of Ibiza.


The Zodiac sign of Scorpio is the ruling sign of Ibiza. Ibiza is abundant in magical, mysterious, intense, esoteric, seductive, sensitive and divine energy channels.

Scorpio is a sign that symbolizes the profound transformation and almost all those who arrive in Ibiza claim to experience a deep processes of inner transformation and growth.

Scorpio symbolizes the journey of life and death, death also meaning rebirthing into another experience. The White Island is also characterized by a special magnetism making it the third most magnetic point on the planet. This makes Ibiza the ideal place for the proliferation of alternative therapies and offering many options for those who seek personal growth and balance of body, mind & soul.


Don’t miss these pristine local beaches: Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar Cala d’en Serra, and Aguas Blancas. All beaches are surrounded by Ibiza's natural beauty and here you can find small coves with transparent paradisiac waters.



Ibiza is a jewel in the Mediterranean sea with ever ending natural treasures to discover such hidden caves, stunning sunsets, breath-taking landscapes, and mythical routes.

Experience the wonders of the four seasons as spring, summer, autumn and winter walks will deepen your love with Ibiza. The walking trails start from Lalita Ibiza and lead you through to delightful valleys, aromatic plants, forests and coastline views where you can observe and absorb natures natural healing properties.



Explore Ibiza by Bike (mountain, road or E Bike) from the sea to the hills and experience the sensation of freedom.