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Lalita Ibiza is a mystical and wellness sanctuary

Welcome to Lalita Ibiza’s mystical and wellness sanctuary. Dedicated to the healing arts, we offer you a gateway into wellness, nature's healing properties and mysticism facilitating you into wholeness: treating the mind, body and spirit as one.

Located North on the magical island of Ibiza in the womb of Portinatx, surrounded by nature's magnificent beauty, near Ibiza’s wild beaches and the best hiking tracks, we invite you to receive the transformative power and high vibrations of the Scorpio island, supporting your personal journey in space of openness whilst honouring the divine feminine.

Our guest house assures you a comforting and relaxing space to recalibrate, recharge and relax. Our rooms are energetically designed to hold sacred space creating a peaceful and soothing ambience emitting through the Divine Goddess Guardians of Lalita Ibiza.

Based in the heart of Ibiza, our sanctuary is focused in worshipping and honouring the cosmic mother and the divine feminine energy. Everyone who takes refuge in the universal mother remains protected. A mother whose only desire is for the happiness of the world; opening her heart to true compassion and kindness.

Lalita in Sanskrit is the divine mother who is engaged to Lila (play). Her play is her creation, maintenance, destruction, dissolution and blessing of the universe. Lalita Ibiza is home where you are nurtured in your transformation process. We offer a healing refuge that brings you balance and harmony.

Our Concept


Lalita Ibiza opens its doors to welcome you, in service to you to, creating a magical, peaceful and unforgettable stay.

We are extremely happy to offer you personalized retreat programs for your stay catering to your specific needs. Working with health and holistic professionals based in Ibiza, we are able to create a deeply restorative experiences treating the mind body and spirit as one

We also offer weekend retreats for detoxifying and recalibration as well as one week summer retreats. If you are already on the island and you want to visit us for a workshop, event, holistic treatment or you would like to just to pass by to connect with us, our door is open and we welcome you to join us is co creating sacred moments.

Ibiza is the Scorpio Island

THE Scorpio sign is the one rules the island of Ibiza.


The Zodiac sign of Scorpio is the ruling sign of Ibiza. Ibiza is abundant in magical, mysterious, intense, esoteric, seductive, sensitive and divine energy channels.

Scorpio is a sign that symbolizes the profound transformation and almost all those who arrive in Ibiza claim to experience a deep processes of inner transformation and growth.

Scorpio symbolizes the journey of life and death, death also meaning rebirthing into another experience. The White Island is also characterized by a special magnetism making it the third most magnetic point on the planet. This makes Ibiza the ideal place for the proliferation of alternative therapies and offering many options for those who seek personal growth and balance of body, mind & soul.

Discover Everything

Discover our sanctuary and all of our facilities. From an indoor and outdoor yoga space, wonderful swimming pool amidst a lush garden and a 50m2 Tchenerezi Yurt to a Moon Fire Circle, comfortable beds in quiet bedrooms and even "Etamanel", an esoteric and healthcare boutique.

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